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Watch the new SLOWD CFD animations

Submitted by gpap on Thu, 02/27/2020 - 12:09

Two new fascinating animation videos have just been released by SLOWD partner University of Cape Town!

Underwater Explosion Schlieren CFD Animation

The schlieren animation depicts density gradient of a submerged circular explosive charge detonated within a rigid water tank. The horizontal line is the initial water surface. The animation was produced by the Elemental® computational-fluid-dynamics (CFD) software where the compressibility of both water and air are fully accounted for. From it a number of key aspects of the physics become clear e.g. how the expanding pressure shockwaves compress the liquid and ultimately reflect off the solid tank boundaries.

SLOWD Protospace 3D Animation

The animation was produced by an Elemental® computational-fluid-dynamics (CFD) simulation of a vertically excited violent slosh. It seeks to replicate the recent Airbus Protospace experiment developed by Francesco Gambioli and co-workers at Airbus. Shown is the evolution of the liquid interface as well as slosh induced impact pressures on the tank walls. The slosh loads predicted by this 3D CFD simulation are on average with-in 1.5% of the experimental measurements, with the largest error being 12%.

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