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Video of the fuel sloshing effect on the dynamic behaviour of wing-like structures

Submitted by gpap on Fri, 02/28/2020 - 13:09

This test has been carried out at the Airbus Protospace facilities in Filton. It aimed at investigating the effect of fuel sloshing on the dynamic behaviour of wing-like structures.

The work has been used in support of the EU H2020 proposal - SLOWD (SLOshing Wing Dynamics), involving a consortium of 10 partners from both academia and industries. The objective of this preliminary campaign was to prove that fuel sloshing affects significantly the damping characteristics of a free-vibrating cantilever beam, and therefore has the potential of alleviating dynamic loads if taken into account in the modelling. Furthermore the test data are to be used for the validation of numerical models to analyse the coupled behaviour of flexible structures and sloshing fluid. In order to achieve conditions close to limit, the cantilever is forced into a deflected shape and quickly released. The peak acceleration measured at the free is above 10g.

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