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Special issue: “Liquid Slosh Damping: Experimental and Numerical Developments”

Submitted by admin on Wed, 10/12/2022 - 11:30

Our team is particularly proud to announce the publication of a Special Issue devoted to the SLOWD project in the scientific journal Applied Sciences. This special issue is entitled “Liquid Slosh Damping: Experimental and Numerical Developments” and the main goal is to highlight the recent developments, advances and new frontiers in the framework of liquid-slosh-induced energy dissipation resulting from the SLOWD project. In addition, it presents related novel developments which include industrially relevant CFD benchmark solutions. The special issue has been led by the guest editor and SLOWD colleague, Prof. Dr. Arnaud Malan (University of Cape Town), and consists of five scientific papers under the following titles:

- On the Efficacy of Turbulence Modelling for Sloshing

- Linear and Nonlinear Reduced Order Models for Sloshing for Aeroelastic Stability and Response Predictions

- Simulating Slosh-Induced Damping, with Application to Aircraft Wing-like Structures

- Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Violent Sloshing Flows Using a Single Degree of Freedom Approach

- Effect of Fuel Sloshing on the Damping of a Scaled Wing Model—Experimental Testing and Numerical Simulations

The papers are available in open access on the journal’s website and on our ZENODO Community. A warm thank you to all SLOWD members who devoted time and effort toward the completion of this special issue!

Enjoy the reading!

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